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Who can use the Accountability Framework?

The Accountability Framework applies worldwide across all agricultural and forestry commodities. This enables your company or organisation to take a holistic and aligned approach to managing a supply chain, investment or lending portfolio, or sustainability initiative. 


The Accountability Framework is a roadmap for companies to set goals, take action, and report on progress towards addressing deforestation, ecosystem conversion, and human rights in their agricultural and forestry supply chains. It is designed to guide companies at any position in the supply chain from start to finish as they pursue their responsible supply chain goals. 

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Financial institutions  

The Accountability Framework guides financial institutions on how to establish policies for ethical lending and investment in the food, agribusiness, and forestry sectors. It also helps financial institutions to screen and engage their portfolios to fulfil these policies. 

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Industry & multi-stakeholder groups

The Accountability Framework serves as a template to help industry associations and multi-stakeholder initiatives develop strong guidelines, action frameworks, and progress metrics. It enables them to build on widely-accepted principles and move more rapidly into problem-solving and implementation.  

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Reporting & assessment initiatives  

The Accountability Framework provides a structured approach and set of metrics for assessing and disclosing company performance on ethical supply chains. Leading reporting systems and scorecards use the Framework to help align their methods and metrics, thereby strengthening performance data and accountability sector-wide. 

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