Who is the Framework for?

The Accountability Framework provides a comprehensive guide for achieving ethical supply chains that can be applied worldwide across all agricultural and forestry commodities. This enables your company or organization to take a holistic and aligned approach to managing a supply chain, investment or lending portfolio, or sustainability initiative.

The Framework’s consensus-based norms, guidance, and definitions help you set goals that are in line with market and stakeholder expectations,  develop a clear and viable route for attaining them, and effectively report on progress.

Producers and processors

Ensure your business meets the sustainability expectations of your buyers and lenders. Credibly report on performance to gain a market edge.

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Fulfill market requirements and demonstrate sustainability leadership through effective traceability, supplier engagement, monitoring, and reporting.  

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Consumer goods manufacturers and retailers

Align company policies and supply chain management systems with global good practice and investor expectations. Simplify and reduce your reporting burden.

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Develop effective policies and initiatives that complement and build from existing consensus-based guidelines for ethical production and trade.

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Civil society

Protect forests, natural ecosystems, and human rights by promoting an aligned stance on ethical supply chains and driving stronger accountability.

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Financial institutions

Screen or engage with your portfolio to address ESG risk from deforestation, land use GHG emissions, and human rights violations.

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Smallholders and communities

Understand the opportunities and requirements to participate in ethical supply chains. Ensure that your rights are respected by supply chain actors.

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The Accountability Framework can help everyone to speak the same language, making it faster and easier for all of us to deliver on commitments.

Michel Santos
Director, Global Sustainability, Bunge


Who's using the Framework?

Learn how companies, civil society, government, and others are using the Framework to help achieve ethical supply chains.

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