Civil Society

Leverage the power of many by speaking with one clear voice

Using the Framework helps civil society organizations communicate clear expectations to companies, join more effectively with peers to achieve shared goals, and amplify the voices of the disenfranchised


Promote clear and consistent sustainability expectations

  • Strengthen your advocacy by grounding it in the Framework’s consensus-based norms and guidelines
  • Reference or apply the Framework’s detailed guidance to communicate specific expectations to companies, governments, and financial institutions
Good practices for key topics

Support the implementation of ethical supply chains

  • Align your tools, standards, or monitoring systems with common norms and guidelines to help strengthen the overall enabling environment for ethical supply chains
  • Help smallholders and local producers participate in ethical supply chains and meet market expectations based on the Framework’s practical approach
  • Bolster efforts to support and advocate for the rights and wellbeing of indigenous peoples, local communities, and workers based on the Framework’s clear requirements
Implement ethical supply chains

Strengthen accountability

  • Assess the policies and practices of companies and financial institutions against common elements of good practice
  • Promote clear and consistent expectations for company monitoring, verification, reporting and disclosure of supply chains and their impacts
  • Hold companies and financial institutions accountable based on information from reliable and well-aligned monitoring, reporting, and assessment initiatives
Being a part of the AFi has been very positive for us because we were able to bring the context of our regions into the process of developing the Accountability Framework.

Joseph Osei
Director, Resourcetrust Network Ghana


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