Promote ethical production and trade to meet your policy goals

Local, regional, and national governments can use the Framework to help design effective policies and programmes for ethical production and trade that build from existing consensus-based guidelines and align with and support the work of the private sector and civil society.


Establish effective policies to address impacts of commodity imports and trade

  • For countries that import forest-risk commodities, the Framework offers a template to inform effective policies to address the deforestation and human rights impacts of commodity trade, including through due diligence approaches
  • Use of the Framework also helps align public sector efforts on responsible trade with those of companies and civil society toward the common goal of protecting ecosystems and human rights
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Inform national and jurisdictional sustainable development initiatives

  • National and sub-national governments can use the Framework’s consensus-based guidelines to inform effective policies and initiatives around goals such as protecting forests and natural ecosystems, establishing low-emissions development plans, respecting the rights of indigenous peoples, and integrating smallholders into responsible supply chains
  • Alignment with the Framework helps demonstrate leadership and fulfil expectations of commodity buyers, financial institutions, and investors
  • Local jurisdictions and multi-stakeholder landscape initiatives can use the Framework to help align local land-use plans, actions, and KPIs with the expectations and efforts of supply chain actors to achieve ethical supply chains
See summary on jurisdictional approaches
Rachael Sherman As companies, we all want rules of the game. We all want to know what we can report against transparently to demonstrate to stakeholders that we're really making these efforts in our supply chains. The Accountability Framework allows us to do that in a really clear and detailed way.

Rachael Sherman
Director Global Sustainability, McDonald's Corporation


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