Consumer goods manufacturers and retailers

Achieve ethical supply chains across your entire business

The Framework provides a holistic approach to ethical supply chains that links global goals to local implementation across all commodities and product origins. Manufacturers and retailers can use it to set meaningful commitments and goals, improve the way they engage suppliers to meet these goals, and demonstrate progress across their entire business.


Establish suitable sustainability commitments and policies

  • Benchmark and refresh your commitments and policies – or establish new ones – in line with common definitions, global good practice, and the expectations of civil society and investors
Set or strengthen commitments and policies

Prioritize and take effective action toward ethical supply chains

  • Benchmark your implementation systems against the Framework’s principles and guidance to identify gaps and opportunities 
  • Apply a consistent and holistic approach to addressing deforestation, conversion, and human rights across global multi-commodity supply chains
  • Effectively manage supplier compliance and improvement processes
  • Design company systems for risk assessment, traceability, and monitoring in line with accepted good practice
Implement ethical supply chains

Simplify reporting and demonstrate progress toward your goals

  • Credibly communicate progress to your stakeholders by following the Framework’s reporting guidance
  • Benefit from the AFi’s efforts to consolidate and align reporting systems and standards – thereby reducing your reporting burden over time
Rachael Sherman As companies, we all want rules of the game. We all want to know what we can report against transparently to demonstrate to stakeholders that we're really making these efforts in our supply chains. The Accountability Framework allows us to do that in a really clear and detailed way.

Rachael Sherman
Director Global Sustainability, McDonald's Corporation


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