Producers and Processors

Help meet buyers’ expectations and demonstrate sustainability leadership

Using the Framework can help producers and processors more effectively and efficiently meet buyer requirements based on its clear, consensus-based guidelines for responsible site development, farm and plantation management, and raw material sourcing.


Understand market expectations for responsible commodities

  • The Framework provides a consolidated source of information on typical market expectations for ethical supply chains. Following this guide can help you cement favorable long-term relationships with preferred buyers while achieving greater operational efficiency.
Good practices for key topics

Identify and prioritize essential compliance and improvement needs

  • The Framework’s globally accepted good practices make it easier to identify, prioritize, and plan the actions needed to meet buyer requirements and comply with applicable law.
Implement ethical supply chains

Credibly demonstrate progress to gain a market edge

  • Use the Framework to design a streamlined reporting approach that addresses stakeholder requirements 
  • Benefit from the AFi’s work to align reporting systems, standards, and supplier questionnaires – making it easier for you to respond to information requests and reducing your reporting burden over time   
The Accountability Framework can help everyone to speak the same language, making it faster and easier for all of us to deliver on commitments.

Michel Santos
Director, Global Sustainability, Bunge


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