A clear and efficient path to responsible commodity trade

Traders must translate ethical supply chain expectations from buyers, investors, and stakeholders into on-the-ground business decisions in a complex and competitive environment. Using the Framework can help guide decisions on key topics such as traceability, supplier compliance and improvement, and smallholder inclusion. The Framework also informs credible monitoring, verification, and reporting to help you demonstrate progress and sustainability leadership.


Align your sustainability goals with market and stakeholder expectations

  • Benchmark your commitments and policies against global good practice reflecting expectations of commodity buyers, investors, and civil society
  • Refresh or establish sustainability goals in line with consensus-based definitions, principles, and guidance
Set or strengthen commitments and policies

Optimize implementation systems to efficiently meet your goals

  • Benchmark your implementation systems against the Framework’s principles and guidance to identify gaps and opportunities 
  • Effectively engage suppliers to drive improvement and achieve compliance according to the Framework’s practical approach 
  • Design systems for risk assessment, traceability, and monitoring in line with accepted good  practice
  • Understand expectations and options for smallholder inclusion, remediation of recent deforestation and human rights violations, and participation in landscape and jurisdictional initiatives
Implement ethical supply chains

Demonstrate progress and simplify reporting

  • Credibly communicate progress to your buyers, investors, and stakeholders by following the Framework’s reporting guidance
  • Benefit from the AFi’s efforts to consolidate and align reporting systems and standards – thereby reducing your reporting burden over time
The Accountability Framework can help everyone to speak the same language, making it faster and easier for all of us to deliver on commitments.

Michel Santos
Director, Global Sustainability, Bunge


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