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Who's using the Framework

Learn how companies, producers, governments, and civil society organizations are using the Accountability Framework to help establish supply chains free from deforestation, conversion, and human rights violations.


Hear directly from representatives of companies, governments, NGOs, and local communities on ways that the Framework serves as a valuable resource for their work.

Case studies

Take an in-depth look at how specific companies and industry groups are applying and aligning with the Framework to establish ethical supply chains.

Companies using the Framework

See some of the companies that are applying the Framework and share your own experiences in using the Framework to set strong ethical supply chain goals, develop effective implementation processes, and credibly report progress.


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Rachael Sherman As companies, we all want rules of the game. We all want to know what we can report against transparently to demonstrate to stakeholders that we're really making these efforts in our supply chains. The Accountability Framework allows us to do that in a really clear and detailed way.

Rachael Sherman
Director Global Sustainability, McDonald's Corporation


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