Cargill's Connected4Change platform

Managing supplier compliance consistent with the Accountability Framework


AFi case study: Cargill's Connected4Change platform


The Accountability Framework calls for commodity buyers to work with their suppliers to achieve and demonstrate fulfillment of ethical supply chain commitments. This includes assessing supplier compliance with commitments, actively engaging suppliers to support compliance, and effectively addressing supplier non-compliance. For companies with complex and geographically distributed supplier networks, this can be a challenge. This case study profiles one solution that Cargill is using to assess, monitor, and support progress toward compliance, consistent with the Accountability Framework.

Company: Cargill

Commodity: Palm oil

Geography: Latin America

Scope: Latin America represents 13% of Cargill total palm volumes. 100% of Cargill Latin America direct origination suppliers are engaged through this programme.

Challenge: Assessing compliance, monitoring progress, and building capacity for a large number of suppliers in an accessible format and in a time- and cost-effective manner.

Solution: The online Connected4Change (C4C) platform supports training, self-assessment, and performance monitoring to accelerate action to fulfill Cargill’s ethical supply chain commitments for palm oil sourced from Latin America.