Musim Mas

Engaging suppliers to deliver on sustainability commitments


AFi case study: Musim Mas


Musim Mas is one of the world’s leading palm oil companies. In addition to its own plantations, the company sources oil-palm fruit and palm oil from a complex, geographically diverse supply network of direct and indirect suppliers. It has used the Accountability Framework to assess its supplier engagement tools and system; review its approach to addressing non-compliance; and report on progress.

Company: Musim Mas

Commodity: Palm oil

Geography: Global presence in 13 countries, sourcing raw materials from Malaysia and Indonesia, and production plants located across Asia and Europe.

Scope: The suppliers in scope include Musim Mas’s supply base of nearly 600 mills that belong to 250 different corporate supplier groups.

Challenge: Improve compliance across the company’s large and diverse supply base; effectively address non-compliances and support suppliers where needed; and assess progress toward goals.

Solution: Use the Accountability Framework to: 1) improve tools and procedures for supplier engagement; 2) solidify an approach to managing non-compliance; and 3) report on progress in a clear and credible way.