Companies using the Framework

Companies across the value chain are using the Framework to set strong ethical supply chain goals, implement these goals across multiple commodities and regions, and credibly demonstrate the progress they’re making.

If your company has improved its ethical supply chain goals, implementation systems, or reporting practices based on the Accountability Framework, the AFi welcomes you to submit a summary of this experience to be featured here. Please e-mail the following information to

  • A brief description of how your company applied the Framework to improve its policies, practices, or systems for ethical supply chains
  • Identification of the specific company business units, commodities, and/or geographic regions affected by these improvements
  • Links to company commitments, policies, or other documents that have incorporated or aligned with elements of the Accountability Framework 

Submissions will be reviewed for accuracy and a final brief summary of the example (approximately 100 words) along with the company’s logo will be posted on this page, pending confirmation and approval by the company. 

Being featured on the AFi website or social media is a way to recognize positive steps that a company has taken toward achieving ethical supply chains in accordance with the Accountability Framework. Please note, however, it does not imply AFi endorsement of the company or its products.

Rachael Sherman As companies, we all want rules of the game. We all want to know what we can report against transparently to demonstrate to stakeholders that we're really making these efforts in our supply chains. The Accountability Framework allows us to do that in a really clear and detailed way.

Rachael Sherman
Director Global Sustainability, McDonald's Corporation


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