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Assessment Tool for Comparing Company Supply Chain Commitments with the Accountability Framework


Assessment Tool for Comparing Company Supply Chain Commitments with the Accountability Framework

One function of the Accountability Framework is to define the elements of strong company commitments to address issues of deforestation, conversion, and human rights abuses in agricultural and forestry supply chains. This information is detailed in Core Principles 1-3 of the Framework.

This assessment tool itemizes the elements of these Core Principles to simplify and standardize the process of assessing a specific company commitment against the Framework’s norms for setting strong commitments on issues within the Framework’s scope. Companies may use the tool for internal self-assessment to determine the extent to which a commitment is aligned with the Framework. Companies may also use this tool to help substantiate claims that they wish to make about the content and specification of their commitments relative to the Accountability Framework. See the Policy for Communications and Claims about the Accountability Framework and AFi for more information.

This tool may be applied by reviewing an existing commitment against each “checkbox” element below and identifying those elements that are included in the commitment. It may also be used as a reference for developing new commitments.

The Microsoft Word version below provides space for companies to include references or other evidence as to how their commitments address each element. Companies seeking to make claims about the alignment of their commitments with the Accountability Framework are encouraged to use this version and publish the completed document alongside their claim.

Important note: This tool provides an itemized and simplified presentation of Core Principles 1-3 to facilitate assessment processes. However, this simplified language does not substitute for or supersede the Framework itself, which provides greater specificity and should be the basis for determining alignment of commitments. Each section below includes a reference to the Core Principle that specifies the expectations of the Framework regarding the checkbox elements in that section. Users of this tool should use the full text of those Principles when carrying out assessments or developing new commitments.

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