Podcast with Innovation Forum: Ethical supply chains in the age of Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted nearly every aspect of life on our planet – including the way that goods are produced and distributed. How are commodity producers adapting their sustainability and ethical supply chain efforts to this disruption? And how can we all work together under this new reality to achieve the goals of halting commodity-linked deforestation, conversion, and human rights abuses?

This podcast, co-hosted by Innovation Forum and the Accountability Framework initiative, will invite perspectives from commodity-producing companies in Ghana and Cameroon on how the pandemic is affecting their supply chain sustainability efforts, and what they are doing to stay on track to meet their commitments.


  • Samuel Avaala, General Manager at Benso Oil Palm Plantation Limited, Ghana
  • Roland Arrey Besong, Sustainability Director at TELCAR Cocoa Limited, Cameroon
  • Akiva Fishman, Manager, Forests at WWF, USA
  • Hosted by Ian Welsh at Innovation Forum, UK

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