Ethical supply chains podcast series with Innovation Forum

The AFi partnered with Innovation Forum over the past year to produce a series of podcasts featuring companies and others applying the Framework across regions, commodities, and contexts. Check out this series below:

Developing corporate deforestation and commodity commitments with the Accountability Framework


  • Jeff Milder, Director of Global Programs, Rainforest Alliance
  • Ruth Nussbaum, Co-founder and Director, Proforest
  • David Cleary, Director of Global Agriculture, The Nature Conservancy
  • Hosted by Ian Welsh, Innovation Forum

Ethical supply chains in the age of Covid-19


  • Samuel Avaala, General Manager at Benso Oil Palm Plantation Limited, Ghana
  • Roland Arrey Besong, Sustainability Director at TELCAR Cocoa Limited, Cameroon
  • Akiva Fishman, Manager, Forests at WWF, USA
  • Hosted by Ian Welsh, Innovation Forum

How commodities are going deforestation-free in Colombia


  • Camila Cammaert, Sustainable Food Systems Coordinator, WWF Colombia
  • Mauricio Galindo, Country Director, Colombia, Rainforest Alliance
  • Luz Andrea Silva, Technical Director, ONF Andina
  • Laura Rojas Salazar, Sustainable Supply Chains Consultant with WWF
  • Hosted by Ian Welsh, Innovation Forum

How to develop a common language and trust for palm oil


  • Ying Xuen Hoe, Project Manager, Proforest Southeast Asia,
  • Rashyid Redza bin Anwarudin, Head, Group Sustainability, Sime Darby Plantation
  • Olivier Tichit, Director Sustainable Supply Chains, Musim Mas
  • Hosted by Ian Welsh, Innovation Forum