Overview of the Accountability Framework

The Accountability Framework provides a set of common definitions, norms, and guidelines for effective supply chain commitments to halt deforestation and other ecosystem conversion, respect land rights, and protect human rights. The Framework is put forward by a coalition of civil society organizations who – together with other leaders in supply chain accountability – advocate for its adoption in the context of agriculture and forestry production and trade.

The Accountability Framework includes two parts:

1) a Core Document that provides a high-level summary of the key elements of good practice for establishing and implementing effective supply chain commitments, and

2) more detailed operational guidance on specific aspects of implementation and monitoring. This content is being developed through working groups and activities related to:

The Framework will be made available online for use by companies, service providers, NGOs, monitoring and reporting initiatives, governments, and others. Users will be able to access the Framework’s principles, definitions, and guidance on different topics at the level of detail suited to their needs. An online tool will also be developed to help users identify which existing standards, tools, or systems align with the Accountability Framework and can be used to fulfill different aspects of supply chain commitments.

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