Overview of the Accountability Framework

The Accountability Framework is a set of common norms and guidance for establishing, implementing, and monitoring ethical supply chain commitments.

To get started, we encourage you to read the brief Introduction to the Framework and the Overview slide deck. Then, please continue below for an overview of the contents of the Framework, including the Core Principles, Definitions, and the Operational Guidance. Finally, learn how the Framework can be applied at each stage in process of establishing ethical supply chains.

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Introduction and Overview

This brief introduction document and overview slide deck cover the Accountability Framework’s intent, application, and structure. These provide the big picture and answers to some frequently asked questions.

Core Principles

The Core Principles of the Accountability Framework provide a high-level summary of the key elements of good practice for setting, implementing, and monitoring effective supply chain commitments in agriculture and forestry.

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Having a common set of definitions lays the foundation for improving the success of global efforts to achieve ethical supply chain commitments. The Accountability Framework Definitions draft document includes key terms that are used in the Core Principles and Operational Guidance.

Operational Guidance

The Operational Guidance offers specific and practical detail related to putting the Core Principles into practice. Sections of the Guidance are being developed and released in stages during 2018.

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how the framework helps

Applying the Framework

The Accountability Framework guides each stage in the process toward establishing ethical supply chains. It can help companies and others to set commitments, take action, demonstrate progress, and support broader positive impacts.

Learn how you can apply the Framework to help set, implement, and monitor commitments: