Core Document

The Core Document provides a high-level summary of the key elements of good practice for establishing and implementing effective supply chain commitments in agriculture and forestry. These elements are organized into eight sections:

  1. Scope and specification of commitments, including their application to different business units; terminology and definitions, and time-bound targets
  2. Business and supply chain management systems, including internal company systems and processes as well as supply chain mapping, traceability, risk management, and supplier management
  3. Ensuring that supply chains are deforestation-free and protective of other natural ecosystems
  4. Ensuring that supply chains respect and promote human rights, including the rights of indigenous people and local communities as well as workers’ rights
  5. Responsible land use planning and management to help ensure effective long-term protection and management of lands of conservation and community importance
  6. Monitoring, verification, reporting, and claims
  7. Remediation and access to remedy, including grievance mechanisms and remediation or compensation for both social and environmental harms
  8. Stakeholder engagement and external relations, addressing ways in which companies can use their influence to help protect the environment and advance human rights within their sphere of operations and influence

A first draft of the Core Document was released for public consultation in early October 2017 and garnered feedback from more than 150 representatives from companies, NGOs, governments, service providers, and other organizations. This input is now being used to revise the Core Document. A revised version of the Core Document, along with draft operational guidance on selected topics, is expected to be released for public input in May 2018.

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