Forests, Ecosystems & Land Rights

The Accountability Framework initiative’s Land Working Group is leading the development of the Framework’s elements on the protection of forests, natural ecosystems, and land rights. This working group represents diverse perspectives from approximately 20 global and national NGOs, service providers, and implementation partners involved in supporting responsible supply chains. This group’s work is defined by a Terms of Reference and organized around the following topics:

  1. Harmonized definitions for key terms and concepts referenced in supply chain commitments (e.g., forests and deforestation), linked with contextualized definitions for different regions, biomes, or commodities.
  2. Common monitoring parameters and thresholds for assessing key land-related outcomes (e.g., deforestation).
  3. Definitions, normative references, and implementation guidance for commitments related to land rights, Free, Prior and Informed Consent, and related social commitments.
  4. Implementation of company commitments in the context of intact and high forest cover landscapes.
  5. Long-term protection and management of lands designated for no conversion, considering both ecological values and the interests of rights-holding indigenous peoples and local communities.
  6. Remedy, remediation and/or compensation for past violations of land-related environmental or social commitments.
  7. Implementation of land-related commitments in the context of smallholders.
  8. Reconciliation of supply chain commitments with state governance systems in practice, considering aspects such as legal compliance, land governance, and company participation in jurisdictional programs.

Draft material on some of the preceding topics is expected to be released for public input in May 2018, while draft material on the remaining topics is expected to be released in September 2018. Please subscribe to the AFi Newsletter to receive announcements of these and other opportunities to review and contribute to the Framework as it is developed throughout 2018.

The LWG includes the following members:

Violaine Berger (IDH), Paula Bernasconi (Instituto Centro de Vida), David Burns (National Wildlife Federation), Marcus Colchester (Forest Peoples Programme), Joanna Durbin (Conservation International), Jon Fisher (The Nature Conservancy), Akiva Fishman (WWF-US), David Ganz (RECOFTC – The Center for People and Forests),  Roberto Gomes (Fundación Natura), Matt Lyons (Environmental Defense Fund), Cristiane Mazzetti (Greenpeace), Jeff Milder (Rainforest Alliance), Dung Nguyen Viet (PanNature), Joseph W Osei (Resource Trust Ghana), Lisa Rausch (University of Wisconsin-Madison, Gibbs Land Use and Environment Lab), Ryan Sarsfield (WRI – Global Forest Watch), Mike Senior (Proforest), Xiao-Peng Song (University of Maryland, Matt Hansen Lab), Jean François Timers (WWF Brasil), Paulina Villalpando, (HCV Resource Network)

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