Monitoring & Verification

The Accountability Framework initiative’s Monitoring & Verification (M&V) Working Group is leading the development of Framework’s elements on monitoring and verification. This material will specify key aspects of effective and credible verification, considering needs for greater effectiveness, cost‐efficiency, and local participation in M&V processes if they are to be viable for implementing supply chain commitments at full scale. The M&V Working Group’s work is defined by a Terms of Reference  and organized around several sub-topics including:

  • Elements of credible verification, including sampling frameworks, level of audit intensity, qualifications and experience of assessment teams, independence, and transparency regarding the verification scope, indicators, process, and results
  • Norms and guidance on risk-based approaches to M&V
  • Methods for evaluating risk, detecting non-compliances, and assessing performance
  • Incorporation of relevant information from local stakeholders and affected persons (e.g., workers, smallholders, and indigenous communities) in risk assessment and assurance processes
  • Use of different types of control systems (e.g., certification, jurisdictional M&V, and trader control systems) to fulfill M&V obligations
  • Data provision and data transparency by supply chain actors to inform credible M&V processes
  • Formulation of claims in relation to M&V processes and outcomes

To develop scalable M&V norms and guidelines that build from existing experience and good practices, the M&V content development process is being conducted in close consultation with experts and stakeholders from different assurance and risk assessment communities of practice, including the certification community, risk assessment experts and tools, commercial auditing firms, certification bodies and verification service providers, and others. If you would like to contribute to this process, please contact us.

The M&V Working Group includes the following members:

Marcus Colchester (Forest Peoples Programme), Richard Donovan (Rainforest Alliance), Jonathan Escolar (Proforest), Mario Rautner (Greenpeace), Lisandro Inakake de Souza (Imaflora), Patrick Mallet (ISEAL Alliance), Katrin Oswald (WWF), Christian Sloth (NEPCon), Justine Sylvester (Village Focus International), Nathalie Walker (National Wildlife Federation), Caroline Winchester (World Resources Institute – Global Forest Watch).

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