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Get Started with the Accountability Framework

For companies and their service providers, a great place to start is to review the Ethical Supply Chain Journey. This interactive tool helps explain how to apply the Accountability Framework to build and maintain ethical supply chains.

Set commitments with the Accountability Framework

Stage 1: Set Commitments

The Framework’s Principles and Guidance can help you to set strong ethical supply chain goals that:

  • Meet expectations for no-deforestation and no-conversion
  • Fully address key human rights 
  • Are specified in a clear and credible way

Get Started with Setting Commitments

Take action with the Accountability Framework

Stage 2: Take Action

The Framework provides guidance for implementing commitments throughout a company’s operations and supply chains, helping you to: 

  • Map supply chains and achieve traceability
  • Manage suppliers across commodities and regions
  • Include smallholders in supply chains
  • Address broader challenges beyond your supply chain

Get Started with Taking Action

Demonstrate progress with the Accountability Framework

Stage 3: Demonstrate Progress

As your company implements its commitments, you can apply the Framework to:

  • Measure and monitor progress and outcomes
  • Report to stakeholders in a credible way 

Get Started with Demonstrating Progress

Additional Resources

For a more in-depth review of how to apply the Framework on the Ethical Supply Journey, refer to this short video and downloadable resource:

Introduction to the Ethical Supply Chain Journey