Vision of the Accountability Framework initiative

The sponsoring organisations of the AFi envision a world where forests and other natural ecosystems are conserved for their many values, where human rights are universally respected, where responsible production and trade are the norm, where gender equality is achieved, and where rural people and communities are included in decision-making and thrive while serving as effective stewards of the land.

Many others have articulated a similar vision and joined together to amplify it in global pledges and targets including the New York Declaration on Forests and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

To achieve this vision requires transforming how agricultural and forestry commodities are produced and traded. This includes de-coupling commodity production from deforestation and ecosystem destruction and ensuring that supply chains respect land rights, workers’ rights, and other human rights enshrined in international law. Responsible supply chain initiatives must not take place in isolation, but in synergy with governments and others working to halt deforestation, improve land governance, reform public policies and incentives, and shift consumption patterns to respect the Earth’s finite resources. When this multi-pronged approach is effective, supply chain initiatives help to end deforestation and conversion at landscape scales while contributing to Nationally-Determined Contributions for greenhouse gas reductions under the Paris Agreement. They support equitable rural development and the wellbeing of smallholders, workers, and communities. And they are undiluted by the leakage of negative impacts to other locations, commodity sectors, or ecosystem types.

The AFi aims to contribute to this vision by helping companies, producers, and governments overcome barriers to transform supply chains on a broad scale. It provides companies with detailed guidance to support effective and measurable improvement trajectories towards meeting their commitments. It also helps guide complementary action of company service providers, governments, advocacy groups, reporting and assessment initiatives, financial institutions, and others whose roles are also essential to realising this vision.

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Who's involved

The AFi is advanced through the work of a diverse coalition of organizations that are dedicated to protecting forests, natural ecosystems, and human rights by making ethical production and trade the new normal.

Our story

In late 2016, a unique coalition came together to close the gap between commitments and results in corporate efforts to address deforestation, conversion, and human rights. Together, they launched the AFi and led a consultative process to develop the Accountability Framework, which is now being applied worldwide to help make ethical supply chains the new normal.


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