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The Accountability Framework supports companies in achieving supply chains free from deforestation, conversion, and human rights violations. Companies and other stakeholders can use the Framework in two primary ways: 1) as a tool to assess company policies and systems against consensus-based principles and best practices, and 2) as a resource to support improvement processes.



self-assessment of company goals and processes against the Accountability Framework


Assess company goals and implementation systems

Companies can use the self-assessment tool to review their supply chain commitments, policies, implementation systems, and reporting practices against the Accountability Framework and identify key areas for improvement.

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The Framework defines best practices based in global consensus that companies can use to design and improve their efforts to achieve ethical supply chains.



Set or strengthen supply chain goals

Companies can apply the Framework to establish clear and effective supply chain commitments in alignment with international norms and civil society consensus.

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set or strengthen goals

improve implementation systems


Improve implementation systems

Companies can use the Framework’s guidance and tools to inform the development of effective implementation systems addressing traceability, supplier management, responsible production, monitoring and verification, and action at the landscape or jurisdictional level.

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Report progress

Companies can use the Framework to guide and streamline their sustainability reporting to meet stakeholder expectations while supporting credible claims about performance or progress. The Framework also helps companies identify suitable reporting tools that align with AFi best practices.

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