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Communications and Claims

If your company or organization has used the Accountability Framework to help establish or support ethical supply chains, the AFi encourages you to communicate about this. Doing so can demonstrate your organization’s commitment to following best practices and promoting alignment toward supply chains that protect ecosystems and respect human rights. It also encourages your peers and partners to do the same. Click the links below for more information about credible claims and communications.

Companies using the Framework

If your company has improved its ethical supply chain goals, implementation systems, or reporting practices based on the Accountability Framework, the AFi welcomes you to submit a summary of this experience to be featured on the AFi’s website and through its media.

General claims and communications by all users

Users of the Framework (including companies, sustainability initiatives, NGOs, and others) are welcome to communicate their support for and use of the Framework, provided these messages adhere to the AFi’s Communication & Claims Policy to help ensure clarity, truthfulness, and credibility.

Claims about progress toward ethical supply chains

Companies wishing to make claims about progress toward or fulfillment of their ethical supply chain goals are encouraged to follow the AFi’s detailed guidance on this topic to help ensure credibility and earn credit for the progress they have made. See Section 4 of the Operational Guidance on Reporting, Disclosure and Claims.

Akiva Fishman The Accountability Framework will enable companies to feel confident that the actions they're taking to address deforestation and conversion will satisfy their stakeholders' expectations and have a positive impact.

Akiva Fishman
Manager, Forests, WWF


Still have questions?

If you have specific questions about how the Framework can be applied in your context, or if you would like to speak to a member of the AFi team, please contact us below.
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