self-assessment of company goals and processes against the Accountability Framework


Whether your company is just beginning its sustainability journey or is building on years of experience, taking stock of the current situation is a useful step. Benchmarking your company’s goals, policies, and practices against the Accountability Framework allows you to identify potential gaps and prioritize actions for setting and achieving ethical supply chains goals.


Self-Assessment Tool for the Accountability Framework

Elements of the self-assessment process

The Accountability Framework facilitates assessment of a company’s approach to ethical supply chains by providing a structured benchmark to evaluate company goals and implementation systems. The AFi’s user-friendly self-assessment tool may be applied in its entirety, or modularly to assess either goals or implementation systems.



Assess your company’s ethical supply chain goals

The Accountability Framework’s Core Principles 1-3 define the elements of strong company commitments to address deforestation, conversion, and human rights in agricultural and forestry supply chains. Use this section of the tool to determine the degree of alignment of your company’s existing supply chain goals with the Framework.



Assess your company’s implementation systems

The Accountability Framework’s Core Principles 4-12 address company systems and practices to implement and demonstrate progress toward ethical supply chains. Use this section of the tool to benchmark your current systems and practices against the Framework.

The AFi provided Neste with a good opportunity to benchmark its Responsible Sourcing Principles, Supplier Code of Conduct, Human Rights Principles, and other key commitments and policies against a global framework that covers various commodities. It inspired Neste to continue to further improve on implementation.

Michael Chong
Senior Manager, Sustainability, Asia, Neste


A final note on self-assessment

Companies are invited to conduct their own self-assessment or to seek assistance from a service provider or other advisor. This may be done on an internal and confidential basis; the AFi does not expect to receive the results of company self-assessments. Please contact us if you have questions about the self-assessment tool or would like further assistance.

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