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Use the Accountability Framework together with related initiatives as a comprehensive approach to achieve ethical supply chains

The Accountability Framework was developed to complement and strengthen other initiatives that address environmental and human rights issues in commodity production and trade. It does this in two primary ways: by providing a basis for greater alignment and consistency among these initiatives, and filling critical gaps in the details of how to establish ethical supply chains.

Read below for an overview of how the Framework relates to different types of initiatives.

Certification and roundtables

Many certification programmes are well-aligned with the Framework. As a complement to certification, companies can apply the Framework to help manage non-certified supplies and address additional elements of responsible business.

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International norms and policies

The Framework provides a detailed roadmap to help implement and achieve key international norms and targets on ecosystem protection, human rights, and sustainable development. 

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Monitoring and reporting tools

The Framework provides a common guideline for monitoring and reporting on commodity supply chains in a clear and consistent way. Most of the commonly used monitoring and reporting tools are well-aligned with the Framework.

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Land use planning and management tools

The Framework’s global guidance on responsible land use is aligned with more specific tools for particular biomes and planning and management processes.

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Jurisdictional and regional initiatives

The AFi’s focus on ethical supply chains complements place-based initiatives to address deforestation, conversion, and human rights issues. The Framework clarifies how companies and others can design and use these two approaches synergistically. 

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Responsible finance and investment

The AFi collaborates with key responsible finance initiatives to apply the Framework’s consensus-based guidelines to promote and implement responsible lending and investment practices related to forest-risk commodities.

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Still have questions?

If you have specific questions about how the Framework can be applied in your context, or if you would like to speak to a member of the AFi team, please contact us below.

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