Advancing Deforestation-Free and Conversion-Free Supply Chains in Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay

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Regional Guidance for Advancing Deforestation-Free and Conversion-Free Beef, Leather, and Soy Supply Chains in the Brazilian Amazon and Cerrado and the Gran Chaco of Argentina and Paraguay

The DCF Regional Guidance outlines important considerations and recommendations for advancing deforestation-free and conversion-free (DCF) commitments for key regions of South America. It provides a strategic link between the global-level framework developed by AFi and important regional contexts that need to be considered in order to effectively operationalize company commitments for beef, leather and soy in the Brazilian Amazon and Cerrado and the Gran Chaco in Argentina and Paraguay. The DCF Regional Guidance was developed by the Collaboration for Forests and Agriculture, a joint effort of the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), The Nature Conservancy (TNC), World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and a network of local and international partners.