To effectively eradicate deforestation and ecosystem conversion from supply chains, companies and financial institutions need a clear blueprint for action. They require accurate data and intelligence to assess and manage risks, and trusted monitoring systems to track and report change. 

The Deforestation Risk Toolset comprises three publicly available resources – Global Forest Watch Pro (GFW Pro), Trase and the Accountability Framework – that enable organizations to act confidently to meet market and stakeholder expectations.

Together, the tools link the critical data and guidance needed for effective reporting on progress toward achieving deforestation- and conversion-free supply chains, using common disclosure platforms including CDP Forests and GRI Standards.

The toolset provides an affordable and credible way to map supply chains, assess risk, manage suppliers, and monitor and report results.

Use the toolset to access consensus-based principles and guidance on managing, monitoring and reporting on deforestation and ecosystem conversion in commodity supply chains (Accountability Framework), along with supply chain intelligence (Trase) and leading geospatial data in land-use change and deforestation (GFW Pro).

Some benefits of using the toolset: 

  • Low-cost tools to assess deforestation exposure, tailored to the needs of the organization 
  • Near real-time monitoring of deforestation, fires and other environmental impacts 
  • Historical exposure to deforestation to inform full delivery of responsible sourcing commitments, plus identification of high-risk areas for supplier engagement and audits 
  • Supports holistic supplier management, including supplier engagement and management of supplier non-compliance
  • Effective reporting on progress toward achieving deforestation- and conversion-free supply chains, using CDP Forests and GRI Standards

Further resources:

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Watch a practical introductory webinar on how to use the Toolset to make measurable progress towards achieving deforestation and conversion-free supply chains, and how to report that progress to stakeholders.  Mars also shares industry perspectives in a panel discussion, moderated by Innovation Forum.

Watch the Deforestation Risk Toolset webinar

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The Accountability Framework initiative provides a roadmap for companies to set goals, take action, and demonstrate progress toward ethical supply chain goals. The Framework is grounded in broad consensus and defines best practices for implementation. The framework also presents a structured outline for reporting on forest-risk commodities, using existing credible reporting systems. 

Trase and Global Forest Watch Pro support companies in key implementation processes, including supply chain mapping, risk assessment, and monitoring. 

Trase uses publicly available data to map forest risk commodities from producer regions to consumer countries via the trading companies. By showing how commodity exports are linked to environmental and social harms in the places where they are produced, it allows companies, financial institutions, governments, and others to take practical steps to identify priority areas and address deforestation risks in their supply chains and portfolios. 

Trase’s intelligence is freely-available and downloadable. Its online tools include supply chain flow diagrams, maps, and profiles, designed to assess and manage deforestation risks, prioritise client and supplier engagement and due diligence, monitor and report on progress over time, and strengthen accountability and enforcement processes. 

Trase maps over half the global trade in forest-risk commodities and continues to expand coverage to new commodities and geographies where sustainability action is urgently needed. 

Global Forest Watch Pro allows companies and financial institutions to measure and manage deforestation risk at origin. GFW Pro applies geospatial data on land use changes to identify non-compliance. Users can easily manage this geospatial data through analysis and dashboards designed for commodity companies and banks’ day-to-day operations. 

GFW Pro unites users within complex commodity supply chains around a common approach to quantify and manage progress towards meeting deforestation commitments and demonstrating compliance. Designed with leading companies and financial institutions, GFW Pro is a freely available tool that facilitates informed decisions to mitigate risk and show impact.