Webinar (Bahasa Indonesia)

Achieving adequate traceability

The Accountability Framework initiative (AFi) partnered with CDP Asia to host a series of webinars in Bahasa Indonesia to introduce the Accountability Framework to palm oil and forestry companies in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Based on CDP data, companies cite that supply chain complexity continues to be the major challenge to avoiding forest-related risks in company’s direct operations and in other parts of their value chain. To reduce risk and ensure that the products in a supply chain are free of deforestation, ecosystem conversion, and human rights abuses, companies need to know how these materials were produced. This requires tracing the product to specific areas, producers, or intermediate suppliers for which performance on these topics is known. Achieving adequate traceability is therefore an essential component of establishing and managing an ethical supply chain.

In this webinar, CDP and the AFi discuss the importance of traceability, provide guidance for companies on implementing traceability best practices, and present case studies and key actions taken by companies in implementing traceability within their supply chain.

To download the slides for this webinar, click here.

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