The Deforestation Risk Toolset

To eradicate deforestation and ecosystem conversion from supply chains, companies and financial institutions need a clear blueprint and effective tools for action.

The Deforestation Risk Toolset comprises three publicly available resources – Global Forest Watch Pro (GFW Pro), Trase, and the Accountability Framework – that enable organizations to act confidently to meet market and stakeholder expectations.

In this webinar, the Deforestation Risk Toolset participants discuss how to use the Toolset to make measurable progress towards achieving deforestation- and conversion-free supply chains and report progress to stakeholders.

Mars also joins to share industry perspectives in a panel discussion, moderated by Innovation Forum. 


  • Pedro Amaral, Senior Sustainability Manager at Mars Global Petcare
  • Anne Rosenbarger, Global Engagement Manager at World Resources Institute
  • Leah Samberg, Scientist, Global Policy at Rainforest Alliance
  • Helen Bellfield, Policy Director, Trase Lead at Global Canopy
  • Moderated by Ian Welsh, Director at Innovation Forum

To download the slides for this webinar, click here.

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