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Bayer’s multinational business includes pharmaceuticals, consumer health care products, and agricultural seeds, chemicals, and biotechnology products. The company sources palm and soy oil derivatives to produce these goods.

Bayer used the Accountability Framework’s guidance on internal management systems to strengthen its sustainable sourcing activities on palm and soy oil derivatives. This included connecting its human rights and palm oil teams to better address both social and environmental risks. Bayer also followed the AFi's guidance to develop a strategy and clear targets for supply chain traceability, informing the decision to transition out of using a credit system and towards chain of custody certification. Bayer plans to use the Accountability Framework to assess its human rights policies and further develop policies and implementation practices on traceability, sustainable sourcing, and transparency with suppliers.

“For me as a key project lead, the Framework provides guidance and assurance that we are moving in the right direction. I can use it to interact with internal and external stakeholders and to drive and focus discussions on sustainability issues that matter most.” 

Nicolas Schweigert, Bayer

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