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Musim Mas

Musim Mas Group is one of the largest integrated palm oil corporations in the world, with operations that include production, refining, and manufacturing. The company is present in 13 countries with main operations in Indonesia.

Musim Mas used the AFi self-assessment tool to evaluate its existing sustainability policy as well as the company’s tools and systems for deforestation-free production and sourcing. This led to a revision of its policy’s scope to follow the Accountability Framework’s definition of ‘corporate group’.  As a result, the company’s policy now applies to operations worldwide, including to subsidiaries, joint ventures, investments, and third-party suppliers and contractors. In 2020, Musim Mas reviewed its supplier management tools using the Accountability Framework as a reference, and revised them to better align with best practice. 

“We could have given a directive and immediately cut all non-compliant suppliers from our supply chain, but we wanted to be realistic about the challenges they were facing and figure out how to create multiple pathways for them to achieve our NDPE commitments.”

Olivier Tichit, Director of Sustainable Supply Chain, Musim Mas

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Musim Mas
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