Newsletter | January 2021

Companies working to achieve ethical supply chains can make use of a wide array of tools — including certification, risk assessment tools, monitoring systems, and others. But how do these fit together into a coherent company-wide approach to addressing supply chain risk and delivering positive impact?

The Accountability Framework provides an overall “umbrella” guideline for ethical supply chains that incorporates these pre-existing tools. It is also being applied to better align both existing and new tools around the Framework’s common definitions, best practices, and metrics. This helps ensure that companies can use the Framework seamlessly with a range of aligned tools to fulfil the sustainability expectations of buyers, investors, and other stakeholders across their entire business. Read below for more on how the Framework can be used together with certification, roundtable guidelines, and major reporting standards as part of a company-wide strategy for ethical supply chains.

Jeff Milder
Director, Accountability Framework initiative (AFi) Backbone Team

In this newsletter:

  • New resources: How does the AFi relate to certification and roundtables?
  • Public consultation: Workers’ Rights Operational Guidance
  • Podcast series: Applying the Framework across commodities and regions
  • How to report progress: Sustainability reporting demystified
  • Updates: The AFi coalition continues to grow

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