NEWSLETTER | July 2022

This month, we welcome the release of the Global Reporting Initiative’s new Sector Standard for Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fishing, which was developed in collaboration with the Accountability Framework initiative (AFi).

Agricultural producers and processers can use the new Sector Standard to report comprehensively on their sustainability policies, activities, and impacts for all elements of the Accountability Framework – including on deforestation, ecosystem conversion, and the rights of indigenous peoples, local communities, and workers.

The Sector Standard also guides companies on how to report their deforestation and ecosystem conversion footprints in alignment with the Accountability Framework, an essential step towards accounting for greenhouse gas emissions from land use change.

The new standard will come into effect beginning January 2024, but companies are encouraged to demonstrate leadership by applying it starting next year.

Also in this month’s newsletter:

    • Analysis on halting deforestation to reach net-zero emissions
    • Deforestation-free pension fund guidance
    • HCV Network joins the AFi coalition

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