Newsletter | March 2021

“If you want to go far, go together.” When it comes to addressing deforestation and human rights across global supply chains, this proverb is as true as ever. That’s why industry groups and roundtables have come to play a key role in defining common standards and systems for responsible commodities. Yet, building consensus at the sector level is not exactly simple. To support this process, many industry groups have turned to the Accountability Framework as a starting point to develop common sustainability approaches that are grounded in the Framework’s consensus-based definitions and guidelines. In this issue, we introduce new case studies on two early industry-level users of the Framework: the UK Roundtable on Responsible Soya and the Book Chain Project. And we highlight recent applications of the Framework in key sector-level initiatives and guidelines for palm oil, rubber, and soy.

We at the Accountability Framework initiative (AFi)  are heartened by industry sustainability initiatives’ growing alignment around the good practices in the Accountability Framework. Together with action by individual companies, NGOs, and government, these sector initiatives can indeed help us to go far. Jeff Milder Director, Accountability Framework initiative (AFi) Backbone Team

In this newsletter:

  • New case studies: Using the Framework to achieve ethical supply chains
  • Upcoming webinar: Responsible supply chain management
  • Updates: Industry sustainability initiatives incorporate AFi guidance
  • Webinar recordings: Company guidance series in Bahasa Indonesia

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