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Newsletter | November 2019

A key to making ethical supply chains a reality is stronger collaboration, with all stakeholders doing their part. This message was loud and clear at Climate Week NYC 2019, where AFi partners, companies, and other stakeholders emphasized the Accountability Framework as a common reference point for effective collaboration. How does this look in practice? In Africa, the Economic Commission of Central African States has proposed that their 11 member states adopt several of the AFi’s definitions to better harmonize approaches to deforestation-free supply chains across the region. In Indonesia, palm oil and forest products companies participated in a two-day workshop, learning how to apply the Framework upstream in their supply chains. 

For companies, getting started with the Framework is easy: the AFi’s online platform and new Ethical Supply Chain Journey guide provide clear entry points. Read below for more on how the AFi is highlighting the fundamental need for collaboration in transforming supply chains. 

In this newsletter:

  • How do you get started with the Accountability Framework?
  • Climate Week NYC: Accelerating progress through collaboration
  • Driving commitments upstream: AFi Indonesia workshop with traders and suppliers 
  • Harmonizing approaches for the development of Central Africa’s agricultural supply chains
  • AFi coverage in the news and around the web

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How you can apply the Framework, the AFi's call to action for ethical supply change, joint webinars, and more from the AFi blog.