Supply Chain Management

Guidance on effective supply chain management to help ensure compliance with commitments, including through risk assessment, traceability, identification of supplier non-compliance, and implementation of plans to bring suppliers into compliance


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Purpose & Summary

This Operational Guidance elaborates on the Accountability Framework Core Principles 4, 5, and 6 to provide companies that buy or source agricultural or forest commodities with guidance on effective supply chain management approaches to help fulfil company commitments related to deforestation, ecosystem conversion, and human rights.

Companies are responsible for ensuring that their entire supply base complies with company commitments. This Operational Guidance addresses the processes by which buyers can identify the origins of the materials they buy, assess risk, identify instances of supplier non-compliance with company commitments, and constructively engage suppliers in improvement processes towards full adherence to commitments.

This guidance is intended for use by all buyers in the value chain, including processors and traders that purchase directly from producers, as well as traders and downstream companies that purchase raw, processed or finished products at different stages of the supply chain.

Topics in this guidance

1. Supplier management systems

2. Supply chain mapping and traceability

3. Risk assessment

4. Managing supplier non-compliance

5. Engaging with non-compliant suppliers

6. Buyers’ role in fostering responsible practices in site establishment

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Core Principle
Company systems and processes to drive effective implementation
Core Principle
Supply chain assessment and traceability
Core Principle
Managing for supply chain compliance
Topic: Traceability
A brief summary of the Framework’s position and guidance on traceability.
Topic: Supplier Management
A brief summary of the Framework’s position and guidance on supplier management.

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