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On December 12, 2018, the Accountability Framework initiative (AFi) released a full draft of the Accountability Framework for public consultation. This release marks the beginning of a ‘workshopping’ period where companies, government, civil society and other stakeholders are encouraged to provide input and help shape the Framework’s further development.

Use the forms below to provide input on the Framework, or contact us for more information about participating in upcoming workshops. When you submit a form, you can either close in the top right of the screen, press “Esc” key, or wait several seconds to access additional feedback forms.

NOTE: The deadline for submission of feedback is March 4, 2019

Core Principles

Terms and Definitions

How to Apply the Definitions on Deforestation and Conversion

Cutoff Dates

Respecting the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities

Free, Prior, and Informed Consent (FPIC)

Relationship Between Voluntary Commitments and Applicable Law

Supply chain management

Remediation and Access to Remedy

Environmental Restoration and Compensation


Applying Voluntary Commitments in Context

Monitoring and Verification

Reporting and Disclosure

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