Developing the Accountability Framework to implement ethical supply chain commitments: Linking global norms to African landscapes

AFi Workshop alongside TFA2020 General Assembly in Accra, Ghana


May 18th, from 09:00 – 16:00
TFA2020 in Accra, Ghana

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About the Event

This side event will introduce participants to the Accountability Framework initiative (AFi) and invite them to contribute to the development of the Accountability Framework’s common norms and guidance on setting, implementing and monitoring supply chain commitments. The conversation will focus on draft sections of the Framework related to definitions, monitoring and verification, human rights, land rights, linking voluntary commitments to legal requirements, and other key topics. Participants will contribute to refining the drafts and ensuring that perspectives from African landscapes and stakeholders are well reflected in the Accountability Framework.

The workshop is open to participants from civil society, government, and the private sector. Relevant materials will be shared with registered participants prior to the workshop.


The Accountability Framework initiative (AFi) is a collaborative initiative of a diverse coalition of environmental and social NGOs to accelerate progress and improve accountability to fulfill company commitments to halt deforestation, conserve natural ecosystems, protect land rights, and respect human rights in the context of agriculture and forestry commodity production.

Steering Group

The Accountability Framework initiative is led by a civil society coalition representing social and environmental issues from both global and producing country perspectives. Founding members of the steering group represent the following organizations:


Gita Syahrani, Independent Expert, Indonesia

Silas Siakor, Independent Expert, Liberia