Podcast: How commodities are going deforestation-free in Colombia

In this podcast moderated by the Innovation Forum, hear how companies and civil society in Colombia are working with the AFi to advance ethical supply chains in the Andean region. This includes use of the Framework by the dairy company Alquería, collaboration with the TFA Colombia Alliance, and efforts to better integrate company management of deforestation and human rights issues in supply chains.


  • Camila Cammaert, Sustainable Food Systems Coordinator, WWF Colombia
  • Mauricio Galindo, Country Director, Colombia, Rainforest Alliance
  • Luz Andrea Silva, Technical Director, ONF Andina
  • Laura Rojas Salazar, Sustainable Supply Chains Consultant with WWF
  • Tom Griffiths, Forest Peoples’ Programme
  • Moderated by Ian Welsh, Publishing Director, Innovation Forum

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