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New soy guidance draws on the Accountability Framework

23 fevereiro 2023

The Consumer Goods Forum has released new guidance for companies working to eliminate deforestation and conversion in soy supply chains, building on the Accountability Framework.

New soy guidance draws on the Accountability Framework

The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) Forest Positive Coalition of Action today has released new guidance to support companies as they work to eliminate deforestation and ecosystem conversion from soy supply chains. The guidance builds on the Coalition’s Forest Positive Soy Roadmap, which was developed with input from the Accountability Framework initiative (AFi). Roadmaps are also available for beef and cattle, palm oil, and pulp, paper, and packaging.  

“Drawing on the Accountability Framework, the new guidance clarifies how companies can ensure the soy they source does not contribute to the destruction of natural ecosystems. It provides a firm basis for engagement with suppliers and supports clear communication of progress and performance. This guidance is the result of close collaboration with the AFi to foster alignment with the expectations of civil society and other stakeholders. We appreciate the [Forest Positive] Coalition’s open and constructive approach to this work”

— Dr Leah Samberg, Lead Scientist, AFi 

The CGF’s Roadmaps and new soy guidance demonstrate how industry groups and multi-stakeholder initiatives can use the Accountability Framework to design each step of an ethical supply chain approach. In fact, the Accountability Framework serves as a template for developing strong guidelines, action frameworks, and progress metrics. It allows groups like the CGF to build on widely-accepted principles and move more rapidly into problem-solving and implementation.  

“We are thrilled to have worked with AFi in the development of the Forest Positive Coalition’s Guidance on the Forest Positive Soy Roadmap. The Accountability Framework and the AFi team’s expertise have been invaluable in creating this guidance which we hope will support members, and companies outside of the Coalition, with implementation of forest positive commitments. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with AFi to advance our shared goal of creating a forest positive future”

— Debora Dias, Senior Manager, Sustainability at CGF 

For more information about the new implementation guidance, visit the Consumer Goods Forum website now.

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