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How to: Write a supplier code

13 setembro 2023

A supplier code of conduct is an essential tool for fostering supplier engagement to meet your supply chain goals. Use the AFi's how to guide to see how to put your policies into supplier action.

How to: Write a supplier code

For downstream companies purchasing commodities from suppliers, their supply chain goals are implemented by cascading them up the supply chain, so that sourcing and supplier performance criteria are aligned across all suppliers and are fulfilled at the level of commodity production. The supplier code (or code of conduct, supplier guidelines, procurement policy) is an essential tool for this purpose and for fostering effective engagement with suppliers more broadly.

This user guide explains how downstream companies can apply the Accountability Framework to develop supplier codes that support implementation of their supply chain goals through aligned performance criteria across their suppliers. It also includes a sample code that companies may reference or adapt as they develop their own codes.


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