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Webinar: Cadeias de suprimentos livres de desmatamento e emissões de alterações de uso da terra

29 setembro 2022

Ouça a WWF, WRI, Nestlé e IKEA no webinar de lançamento da nova orientação desenvolvida pela AFi, SBTi e GHG Protocol.

Forest landscape viewed from the top

In this webinar we launch new guidance, developed in partnership with the Science Based Targets initiative and Greenhouse Gas Protocol, designed to support companies in aligned target setting, accounting, and disclosure for deforestation, ecosystem conversion, and land use change emissions. The webinar features speakers from WWF, WRI, Nestle, and IKEA.


  • Martha Stevenson, Senrio Director Forests Strategy & Research at WWF
  • Matt Ramlow, Research Associate, Climate Program at WRI
  • Leah Samberg, Lead Scientist at the Accountability Framework initiative
  • Michèle Zollinger, Global Sustainable Sourcing Pulp & Paper Climate Forest Lead at Nestlé
  • Christoph Leibing, Climate in Forests Land Use Specialist at IKEA
  • Moderated by Luiz Amaral, CEO at Science Based Targets initiative


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