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Man working in the forest

1 Dec 2021

Webinar: Integrating workers’ rights into commodity supply chains

Speakers from Nestlé, Oxfam, Proforest, and Rainforest Alliance discuss how to establish policies, take action and report progress on workers’ rights in agricultural and forestry supply chains.

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Report: Disclosure for a deforestation-free supply chain

8 Nov 2021

Report: Disclosure for a deforestation-free supply chain

This report provides a baseline analysis of company performance before the launch of the Accountability Framework.

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Aerial view of river

1 Oct 2021

How to: Use the Accountability Framework to guide reporting

This guide explains how the Accountability Framework can be used to support clear and effective sustainability reporting related to agricultural and forestry production and sourcing. Companies can use it to craft disclosures that are credible, comprehensive, and aligned with stakeholder expectations.

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Birds-eye view of two cars driving in a forest

15 Sep 2021

Webinar: What’s next for ethical supply chains?

This webinar explores how companies can and must tackle deforestation in the context of emission reductions and sustainability targets. With speakers from CDP, The Nature Conservancy, Verité, WWF, and the WRI.

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Person holding palm seeds in hand

23 Jul 2021

Podcast: How to work with uncertified palm oil farmers

A discussion about how the Accountability Framework can be complementary to membership of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil certification.

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Worker carrying palm seeds

30 Jun 2021

Podcast: Solving the traceability challenges for uncertified palm oil

How to work with suppliers to improve traceability and transparency from non-certified sources, to tackle deforestation and ensure sustainable supply.

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Person collecting coffee beans

1 May 2021

How to: Use the AFi self-assessment tool

The AFi self-assessment tool helps companies better understand how to use the Accountability Framework through the assessment of their company policies, practices, and systems.

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Palm trees and forest landscape

14 Apr 2021

Webinar: How certification supports a company-wide approach for ethical supply chains (Bahasa Indonesia)

This webinar explores the role of certification as part of a comprehensive approach to achieve ethical supply chains.

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Palm oil collection

13 Apr 2021

Webinar: Responsible supply chain management company roundtable

In this webinar, hear from company representatives from across the supply chain as they discuss challenges and opportunities, share ideas, and answer questions.

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