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Deforestation birds-eye view

25 Nov 2022

Podcast: Optimised guidelines to reduce deforestation and land conversion impacts

The AFi, McDonald's, and Innovation Forum discuss new guidance on land use change developed by the AFi, SBTi, and GHG Protocol.

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Rubber harvesting in forest

8 Mar 2022

Podcast: Fast-tracking rubber sector sustainability progress

This podcast discusses how the AFi worked with GPSNR and its members to develop a policy framework that addresses the specific supply chain risks in the rubber sector.

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Person holding palm seeds in hand

23 Jul 2021

Podcast: How to work with uncertified palm oil farmers

A discussion about how the Accountability Framework can be complementary to membership of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil certification.

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Worker carrying palm seeds

30 Jun 2021

Podcast: Solving the traceability challenges for uncertified palm oil

How to work with suppliers to improve traceability and transparency from non-certified sources, to tackle deforestation and ensure sustainable supply.

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Workers harvesting and loading truck with palm seeds

11 Dec 2020

Podcast: How to develop common language and trust for palm oil

A discussion on how the Accountability Framework initiative is helping the palm oil sector in Southeast Asia.

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Deforestation in progress

5 Nov 2020

Podcast: How commodities are going deforestation-free in Colombia

How companies and civil society in Colombia are working with the AFi to advance ethical supply chains in the Andean region.

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Aerial view palm oil plantations

15 Jul 2020

Podcast: Ethical supply chains in the age of Covid-19

How the pandemic has affected supply chain sustainability efforts and what companies can do to stay on track to meet commitments.

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Aerial view of deforestation

12 Dec 2019

Podcast: Developing corporate deforestation and commodity commitments with the Accountability Framework

Why the Framework has been established, what it is setting out to achieve, and how it can help companies.

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