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Extending the ambition of company commitments to zero deforestation in soy supply chains

by Ellen Griffiths, Forest 500 on April 18, 2019

“There are many initiatives which can help companies move from forming policy commitments through to implementation, including the Accountability Framework Initiative and Proforest’s Soy Toolkit, which provides resources and guidance…”

Mars discloses Tier 1 cocoa suppliers in step toward supply chain transparency

by Emma Cosgrove, Supply Chain Dive on March 27, 2019

“Mars’ plans include supplier accountability infrastructure provided by the Accountability Framework, a set of core principles and definitions for supply chain accountability developed by a group of environmental and labor-focused NGOs…”

The reputational risk of deforestation-linked soy: Investors call for action on global supply chains

by Robin Wyers, Food Ingredients First on March 11, 2019

“[Companies] need to be able to develop time-bound action plans in order to be able to bring [suppliers] back into compliance. The Accountability Framework is looking to help companies and organizations with a uniform way to be able to talk about this issue.”

With clock ticking on 2020 deforestation pledges, 5 ideas for sourcing palm oil sustainably

by Meg Wilcox, Green Biz on February 27, 2019

“Yet even with this positive momentum, many manufacturing companies and retailers lag behind their sustainable palm and no deforestation by 2020 pledges. Such lack of ambition is not lost on investors, who are “getting to the point where they really want to see these policies in action” said Siobhan Collins…

…There are ample resources, from the Accountability Framework Initiative to industry stakeholder groups and initiatives summarized by Ceres Engage the Chain, that could help companies move from paper commitments to action on the ground.”

Why is FPIC important for deforestation-free supply chains?

Forest 500 on January 25, 2019

Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) is the human right for indigenous peoples and local communities to give or withhold consent to any proposed activity that may affect them or their territories… Incorporating FPIC into sustainable sourcing commitments is recommended by the Accountability Framework initiative, which aims to develop a consistent framework for companies to deliver on zero deforestation commitments. ”

2020 Deforestation Targets Lead to Positive Outcomes—Even If We’re Behind Schedule

by Mark Tercek, CEO of The Nature Conservancy on January 17, 2019

“So what does a credible plan [to follow through on deforestation commitments] look like? Benchmark against the Accountability Framework; cross-check planning against it; take advantage of tools like Global Forest Watch and Agroideal; and be sure to work with supply chain partners and governments. It takes a village to get this important work done.”

The countdown to 2020

Forest 500 on January 14, 2019

“…companies need to recognise the deforestation risks in their supply chains and introduce policies to address those risks. … The new Accountability Framework initiative (AFi) will provide a toolkit for companies to follow. ”