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Birds-eye view on a palm tree forest

9 Dec 2020

Webinar: Using the Framework in tandem with certification and other tools

This webinar looks at how the Framework aligns with and complements certification and other tools that promote responsible commodity production and trade.

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Foggy forest

17 Nov 2020

Webinar: Reporting on forest-risk commodities

Learn how to use the Accountability Framework to guide sustainability reporting, and how key reporting platforms are aligning with the Framework to provide greater consistency and clarity in reporting requirements.

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Monstera plant leaves

21 Oct 2020

Webinar: Improve your company’s sustainability ratings

This webinar will provide examples and insight into alignment processes and answer listener questions.

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Landscape of hills with forests

30 Sep 2020

Webinar: Overview of the Accountability Framework for companies

Learn how the Accountability Framework supports companies at every step of their ethical supply chain journeys.

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Person working on a soybean plantation

27 Aug 2020

Webinar: Improving supplier management systems (Bahasa Indonesia)

In this webinar, CDP and AFi highlight the importance of supplier management systems in helping companies fulfill commitments and build resilient supply chains based on the Accountability Framework guidance.

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Rainforest in Indonesia landscape

24 Jun 2020

Webinar: Set and strengthen goals (Bahasa Indonesia)

This webinar focuses on setting and strengthening commitments also paves the way for effective implementation and demonstration of progress.

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