Announcing release of the draft Operational Guidance on Workers’ Rights for public consultation

The Accountability Framework initiative is pleased to announce that the draft Operational Guidance on Workers’ Rights is now available to support the implementation of the Accountability Framework’s Core Principles on workers’ rights. This draft Operational Guidance is being released as a working document with a public consultation period. The AFi invites stakeholder input to help ensure that the guidance achieves its intended goals of supporting companies and other stakeholders to achieve ethical supply chains.

The consultation period closes 1 February 2021



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  • Draft Operational Guidance on Workers’ Rights
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  • Public consultation comment form

Download draft guidance and consultation materials (zip folder, 4 files)


The Accountability Framework initiative (AFi) is a collaborative effort to accelerate progress and improve accountability for ethical supply chains in agriculture and forestry. Led by a diverse coalition of environmental and human rights organizations, the AFi works to create a “new normal” where commodity production and trade are protective of forests, other natural ecosystems, and human rights. In June 2019, the AFi launched the Accountability Framework: a consensus-based set of common principles, definitions and practical guidance designed to support companies, civil society, governments, and others to achieve ethical supply chains.

The AFi is now pleased to release its draft Operational Guidance on Workers’ Rights, aimed at supporting implementation of the Framework’s Core Principle 2 (Respect for Human Rights) and elements specific to workers’ rights further elaborated in Core Principle 2.3. This Operational Guidance adds to the 12 existing Operational Guidance documents on topics including deforestation and conversion, supply chain management, monitoring and verification, remediation and access to remedy, and free prior and informed consent.

The Operational Guidance on Workers’ Rights synthesizes existing norms and best practices related to company obligations to respect internationally-recognized human rights. It specifies details regarding the actions and roles of commodity producers, processors, and buyers in ensuring respect for workers’ rights in their operations and supply chains.  This Operational Guidance is aligned with key instruments such as the International Bill of Human Rights and the ILO fundamental conventions, and is consistent with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP) due diligence process.

This draft is being released as a working document with an open call for input during the consultation period.


The process to develop this guidance began in June 2019, following approval of the Framework’s Core Principles. It was informed by scoping and analysis of existing international best practices and resources on workers’ rights as well as on the input on workers’ rights received from companies and civil society during the 2018-2019 consultation of the Core Principles.

A sub-group of the AFi Steering Group with expertise in workers’ rights led the development process, and the full Steering Group approved the current version by consensus to release as a working document.

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