Deforestation and conversion

The Accountability Framework is a resource to help companies produce and source commodities while protecting forests and other natural ecosystems. It guides the establishment of effective policies and implementation systems to achieve supply chains free from deforestation and conversion. Review the Framework’s position and guidance on this topic and find user tools to apply the Framework.


Topical Summary on Deforestation and Conversion

The Framework calls for eliminating deforestation and ecosystem conversion from supply chains to help companies mitigate risk while protecting critical values including carbon storage, biodiversity, water supplies, and the wellbeing of local people and communities. Core Principle 1 specifies what should be included in a commitment or policy to protect forests and other ecosystems.

The topical briefing on deforestation and conversion provides an overview of the Framework’s position and guidance on setting and implementing no-deforestation and no-conversion goals.

The Framework clarifies terminology by providing globally-applicable and consensus-based definitions.

Deforestation: The loss of natural forest as a result of: 

    1. conversion to agriculture or other non-forest land use; 
    2. conversion to a plantation; or 
    3. severe or sustained degradation

Conversion: Change of a natural ecosystem to another land use or profound change in the natural ecosystem’s species composition, structure, or function

These definitions can be applied and contextualized to different regions and commodity production contexts, creating alignment between global-level commitments and localized methods for ecosystem identification and land-use change monitoring.

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Accountability Framework Definitions


Applying the Definitions Related to Deforestation, Conversion, and Protection of Ecosystems


Cutoff Dates


Use the self-assessment tool

Benchmark your supply chain goals and implementation systems against the Framework’s Core Principles and identify key areas for improvement.

Rod Taylor The Framework offers some practical guidance about how you can make progress on a difficult task: eliminating deforestation in your supply chain.

Rod Taylor
Global Forests Director, World Resources Institute


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