Financial Institutions

Systematically assess and manage ESG risk related to deforestation and soft commodities

Using the Framework helps financial institutions to establish meaningful policies for responsible lending and investment in the food, agribusiness, and forestry sectors and to systematically screen and engage their portfolios to fulfil these policies.


Establish responsible lending and investment policies

  • Develop sound policies in line with international norms to avoid deforestation, conversion, and human rights impacts from your loans and investments
Good practices for key topics

Streamline ESG risk management related to deforestation

  • Use the Framework as a yardstick to systematically assess how companies in your portfolio measure up against your own policies and global good practice for ethical supply chains
  • Use Framework-aligned tools such as CDP Forests, Forest 500, and Supply Change, to integrate best available information and analysis on deforestation and associated risks and impacts – including GHG emissions – into your decision-making
  • Consult guidance in the Framework and from AFi partners such as Ceres to effectively engage with companies in your portfolio to decrease ESG risk
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The AFi have created a Framework and definitions to help align all of the different actors and get them all on the same page. This will be really helpful in terms of moving ethical supply chain commitments forward.

Julie Nash
Program Director - Food and Forests, Ceres


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