About the Accountability Framework initiative

The Accountability Framework initiative (AFi) is a collaborative effort to build and scale up ethical supply chains for agricultural and forestry products. Led by a diverse global coalition of environmental and human rights organizations, the AFi works to create a “new normal” where commodity production and trade are fully protective of natural ecosystems and human rights. To pursue this goal, the coalition supports companies and other stakeholders in setting strong supply chain goals, taking effective action, and tracking progress to create clear accountability and incentivize rapid improvement.


The AFi coalition members envision a world where forests and other natural ecosystems are conserved for their many values, where human rights are universally respected, where responsible production and trade are the norm, where gender equality is achieved, and where rural people and communities are included in decision-making and thrive while serving as effective stewards of the land.


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The challenge

Agriculture and forestry are major drivers of deforestation, climate change, biodiversity loss, environmental degradation, and human exploitation. While hundreds of companies have pledged to transform their commodity supply chains to protect ecosystems and people, the overall results have not yet been commensurate with the challenges.

To make ethical production and trade the new normal, companies and other key stakeholders must work together to:

  • Establish stronger, wider-reaching commitments and policies that address the most pressing social and environmental issues linked to commodity supply chains
  • Implement systems and practices that drive tangible improvements within production landscapes and through the management and financing of ethical supply chains
  • Ensure robust accountability that tracks progress, informs decision-making, and incentivizes responsible procurement and investment

Our solution

A shared roadmap for ethical commodity production and trade.

In 2019, the AFi launched the Accountability Framework: a practical, consensus-based guide for achieving and monitoring ethical supply chains. The Framework brings together accepted international norms, best practices, and expectations of commodity buyers, investors, and civil society into a single integrated resource for effective action to address the deforestation, conversion, and human rights impacts of supply chains.

A coalition working to make ethical supply chains the new normal

Working in coordination among its members and other partners, the AFi coalition promotes and supports application of the Framework to achieve ethical supply chains and enhance accountability at a sector-wide level. This involves working with companies that produce, trade, and finance agricultural and forestry commodities to help them apply the Framework within their operations and supply chains. It also involves collaborating with civil society, government, industry associations, investors, and other stakeholders to create a more effective enabling environment and greater alignment in support of ethical supply chains. When undertaken in a coordinated manner, guided by the Accountability Framework, these efforts support faster progress, greater reach, and stronger accountability for supply chains that protect ecosystems and human rights.

See our 2020-2022 strategy to learn more about the AFi’s theory of change, indicators of success, and partnership model.

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Who’s involved?

The AFi is advanced through the work of a diverse coalition of organizations that are dedicated to protecting forests, natural ecosystems, and human rights by making ethical production and trade the new normal.

Our story

In late 2016, a unique coalition came together to close the gap between commitments and results in corporate efforts to address deforestation, conversion, and human rights. Together, they launched the AFi and led a consultative process to develop the Accountability Framework, which is now being applied worldwide to help make ethical supply chains the new normal.


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