set or strengthen goals

Set or strengthen supply chain goals

Clear goals are an important foundation for any ethical supply chain. The Framework is a resource to craft effective commitments and policies on deforestation, conversion, and human rights that align with international norms and stakeholder consensus. Users can assess the content of existing policies, identify priorities for improvement, and access best practices and how-to guides to set or strengthen policies on these topics.

Assess policies and commitments

If you have not yet done so, start by reviewing your existing policies against the Framework using the AFi’s self-assessment tool.

Develop or refresh an ethical supply chain policy in alignment with the Accountability Framework.

Step-by-step guide

Get started: How to write a strong ethical supply chain policy

Elements of a strong ethical supply chain commitment

Review the Accountability Framework’s sections on the content and specification of commitments to address deforestation, conversion, and human rights in commodity supply chains.

One primary use of the Accountability Framework for companies is to benchmark their commitments. Companies can see how their policies match up to the Framework and see what they need to improve.

Mike Senior
Deputy Director - Conservation and Land Use, Proforest


Still have questions?

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